Void tattoo stamp design – The complete gallery

An interesting trend that has been doing the rounds in the tattoo cover up circles is the void stamp tattoos. It blows my mind how this can be a good move when trying to cover up a tattoo, as I wouldn’t personally do it. But I guess that there are some interesting designs and techniques around this void tattoo idea.

What is the Void Tattoo Meaning?

Basically, the void stamp meaning is to void (definitely not avoid) the past mistakes, relationships or just plain bad choices that you might have made. The dictionary states it as “a completely empty space.” or “not valid or legally binding”.

I guess it’s like a black hole of your past. A bold statement. Only thing is that it will stay with you forever.

Use cases of void tattoos

The majority of the cases found people get the void tattoo over names of people they have tattoos on their bodies. Usually, it’s done short after a break-up, making it one of the most done break up tattoos or lost love tattoos

Anyhow with that said here’s the list of void stamp tattoo cover ups.

Boldly void tattoo over name

This ‘player’ really felt the need to remove her name in a very bold way. Looks like a “Mellissa” got stamped hard.

Red and covered in void

This tattoo covers the entire name in red, I reckon this one might have heard covering a few soft spots on the wrist.

wrist void tattoo

Neck to void tattoo

neck tattoo void

Another arm void tattoo design

Side void tattoo

Foot tattoo design

Putting this tattoo on your foot is better than the majority of places I’ve seen it. Also interesting void stamp font choice.

Leg void tattoo stamp

stamp tattoo on leg

Void tattoo stamp to void the another past

Yes, we’ve all been there… some time in our lives. I think this was one design and tattoo session and wasn’t added later on as it seems to have a general purpose to it. This void tattoo design is something of a

virgin void stamp tattoo on stomache

Just keep the top 😉

The idea here was simple, keep the important part!

stamp tattoo design above devil

Realistic void tattoo stamp

This is a decent tattoo, the artwork and colors are really done well. The void tattoo stamp itself has some realistic markings and smears which really makes the design pop.

tattoo over name

Above the nipple void tattoo design

Tracy Oh Tracy… So close to his heart… I wonder if he ever would have thought he would end up with a stamp right above his nipple?

chest name tattoo

The large stamp

There’s not returning from this one. It’s big, bold and frankly, it looks poorly done. Either way no more beach time for this girl.

big black bold void tatoo

Heartbroken void stamp?

Not exactly sure what the idea was here. A lipstick kiss with a void stamp I guess means a broken heart from loving someone previously, love is dead?! Not sure but interesting tattoo design.

void over kiss tattoo

Conclusion of the void stamp tattoo design

This is one of those tattoo cover ups that doesn’t cover up the entire previous tattoo and will in most cases still show the past. Now if it’s someone’s name you don’t really want to see again I wouldn’t suggest this course of actions. Even if you want to get back at this person don’t use your own body to do so. Leave the void stamp tattoo for another occasion maybe, but it’s up to you.

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