15+ People that covered their self harm scars with tattoos

girl with scars in face

Harming yourself usually leads to deep scars both internal and external.

This artsy way helps you get rid of those scars on the outside by covering them up with Tattoos.

If you’ve ever been on a receiving end of a sharp object and it left you scarred, this just might be the creative solution to your problem.

It’s fascinating how body art can be used to draw attention to yourself, and in some cases draw attention away from things you don’t want people to see.

I trust that this gallery of tattoo ideas will help and inspire you, and in the end find a unique idea to cover your scars.

Self inflicted scars

There is a saying “Life happens”, and that’s the absolute truth. Some of us react different to situations, some good and some bad.

But in the end we are all human, we make mistakes and we have to live with them.

The aftermath

Whatever the reason might be, hurting yourself most likely leaves scars on your skin.

These can be removed or rather fixed with laser and some might even say with some natural remedies but in general they are there to stay.

Looking at these scars everyday might be a reminder, but other people might not see it your way. Let’s face it, people judge you by your outwards before they get to know you.

To the people who don’t know you, you are what your appearance tells them.

BUT if you aren’t bother then frankly I’m not sure what you are doing here reading about Tattoo cover ups :P.

Getting a Tattoo over your scars is a unique and creative way to move on from the past.

Watch this video to get an idea of before and after:

As you can see she had a lot of scars all over her arms, and the tattoos helped cover it up incredibly.

It’s important to note the quality of those tattoos, she obviously had an amazing tattooist that performed that piece of art.

Before and After Photos

scars over arms covered with black tattoo
Wow this is truly an amazing piece of art. The variations in size on those lines of the flowers are epic and also helps to hide the old lines well.
phoenix tattoo
Bright and burning phoenix, yellow and orange in color helps make the one think and smaller lines dissapear.
rain forest tattoo
This person had a few, deep and long lines along the arm. Nicely covered up by the tree branches going in the same direction.
pink and blue splash tattoo
The marks are all close in one area so the idea behind the splash art worked well and leaves NO trace of the scar behind.

Before the tattoo the scars were pretty severe and all across the arm

After the tattoo it’s actually miraculously covered with the green leaves and brown acorns.

More photos after tattoo

blonde lady
This is one sexy tattoo that goes up all the way to the upper arm.
skull tattoo
Skull tatt right on the leg. The yellow in this design really pops and completely takes the eye away from what’s under it.
The galaxy portrait is an excellent way to cover large areas and still leave it looking good.
purple stripes
This black/white tattoo of a Gothic Girl is done real nice and is across majority of the arm.
hard bordered flower
Maybe something just black?
splash of colors
Splish splash purple and blue. I love the creativity here, bit of line work with much love of color.
red roses
These roughly done red roses can work, all depending what your objective is. It can cover it up entirely or just move the eyes towards something better.
heaven can wait
And then there’s humor to save the day. How you portray it or choose it, it’s up to you in the end.
blue bird
And then there’s this bird sitting on a branch. Really unique idea and I’m glad someone did it.

Is this for me?

Now that’s something you need to decide for yourself, unless you are still living with your guardians or parents, then you need to talk to them.

You will in most cases still feel the edges of the scar underneath the tattoo, but at least you will have to look close to see it.

Also in some damaged skin areas that have been caused by surgery, the ink might not take and stay as on other areas of your body.

Then there’s the pain factor. Some people love it, some hate it and majority just take it.

Where to from here?

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    Decide on a Tattoo design

    We truly hope that we’ve inspired you here today, if not then I’d suggest going to Pinterest and continuing your search.

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    Find a Tattoo artist in your area

    Check your local city website or do a google search for “tattoo new york” (just replace New York with your city name). A good tattoo artist can draw directly on you, creating a unique masterpiece that will help get rid of those scars.

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    Browse for more

    We’ve got numerous articles on Tattoo cover ups, some more specific and other than covering up scars but there are interesting ones.

We hope you’ve found some good inspiration to help you cover those wounds.

If you find any tattoo photos you’d like to add to the collection let us know, send us an email and we’d be happy to add them to this article.

We firmly believe and have seen how people are able to cover their scars caused by themselves, it can be done for them and also for you.