tattoos covering stretch marks

Stretch marks? Great ideas to cover with stomach tattoos.

Have you just had a baby and that 9 months of carrying left you with a crazy amount of stretch marks? Or you’ve lost a lot of weight and it took it’s toll on your skin leaving you with tummy stretch marks or on your hips. Either way or whatever reasons you gained these marks there are solutions to the problem.

We’ll be looking at the pros, cons and some great examples of tattoos to help you cover stretch marks. But first, let’s look at the health risks involved in doing that, but also some other factors.

Common stretch marks caused on your tummy

In this day and age media has been pressuring the woman to take their image up in a more serious fashion. Some go for surgery to improve their features and others to fix issues due to life in general. Covering a stretch mark with a tattoo is another less expensive way to resolve some of these issues.

Here are a few common causes of stretch marks:

You’ve had a baby (or two)
It’s the most rewarding experience for a woman but the long pregnancy left you with some unwanted scars. This is the case of 90% woman during carrying their babies, not uncommon. This is a great option for a woman to get tattooed on their bellies.


Tummy tuck
You’ve gone through some weight loss and now you want to get rid of some excess skin and in some cases fat. This will leave you with an enormous scar but usually, that scar also turns into a lot of vertical stretch marks.


Getting fit
Yes, unfortunately, there is some downsides when losing a lot of weight. You might end up with stretched skin due to previously using all that space (inside). This can also be covered up by a tattoo over the affected stretch mark areas.

Is this a healthy option?

Yes, it’s not that it’s unhealthy but the ink in those areas MIGHT look different than other parts of your body. The reason is that there will be less porous on the scarred skin and thus the ink will settle differently.

There is no limit really to where you can tattoo. I’m sure you’ve seen people tattoo on all “taboo” areas possible, so if there’s a stretch mark then you can cover it. But we’ll only be focusing on the stomach area in this article.

The effect of different skin tones

Some skin tones react differently to stretch marks. For some stretch marks become LIGHTER and for others, it becomes DARKER. Either way, it can be camouflaged by a good tattoo artist. There is also the option to have your stretch marks filled in with colors imitating the tone of your skin like this tattoo artist is doing.

Does tattooing on the stomach hurt?

Well firstly, if you don’t have a tattoo and this is your first, you need to understand that this is a question that will differ depending who you ask.

For some people, it hurts more than others but yes there is a pain factor depending on where it is done. Some body parts hurt more taking a needle than others.

See the chart to the left, blue beeing the worst pain and yellow being the least. Read more up on the pain scale of tattoos here.

Will/Can it cover it entirely?

Does it actually work? In some cases, you might still see the stretch mark under the tattoo but in others, it’s a perfect fix. It’s all a matter of a good design that fits your body and a great tattoo artist to make the pain go away ;), sort of speak. There are a lot of treatment, a lot of creams and special medication to help woman and men with stretchmarks, so this is just one of many ways. \

Let’s look at a few examples of stretch marks that were covered up by tattoos.

tree tattoo on left hip

Tattooing the side of your body with sort of tree branches can help you easily follow the lines of your stretch marks.


thorn tattoo below belly button

This looks to be a 2 fold purpose tattoo. Seems to be scars from C-section and the carry of the child.

rose start tatt side

Really nice side tattoo covering all the stretchmarks, the color helps a lot here.


tiger tattoo

Very clever idea, to cover the lines with the tiger’s lines.

full tummy tree tattoo

This covers a large area of the stomach and with this type of artwork, it should be easy to cover all the old scrars from below.

butterfly tattoo after pregnancy

Butterflies and little stars to make those stretchies go away, clever.

another buttefly

Some more butterflies, flowers, and leaves to cover the past.

butterfly memorial over pregnant tummy

A plethora of a garden sketch done here. No stretch marks left behind!

blue rose stretch mark cover up

It seems to be the start an idea to hide those lines by using blue roses stomach tattoos.

tummy tuck flowers tattoo

A massive scar on the abdomen area that as you can see caused a lot of stretched skin. I love the idea behind this design, creating a range of flowers to cover it up.

tiger claw tattoo

This is a proper wide design, covering the majority of the lower front area and with some colors, it should cover all of it.

hard line flowers over skin defect

Very nice hard line floral tattoo, thinking this was the start and still needs to be filled in

front, side and rear tattoo

This seems to be a tummy tuck that caused a lot of vertical line damage to the skin. It’s beautifully covered up by some amazing garden and butterfly artwork.

front and back red roses cover up

Harsh marks covered up with amazing realistic roses.

So if you are experiencing this issue similar to what we’ve discussed then you can cover your stretch marks with the help of a professional tattoo artist and some inspiration tattoo designs.