10 Extremely bad name tattoo cover ups

Some people reckon it’s good practice to tattoo their newly beloved’s name on their body. This article will feature a few of those who broke up and quickly realised the error of their ways. Let’s look at 15 bad cover up tattoos.

Voiding the past

Not only did this new tattoo leave her with a HUGE mark but it’s done soo poorly… Not sure how you recover from this one. How do you cover up the UNCOVERABLE :/ I don’t foresee her going out to the beach soon.

horrible void stamp tattoo

A better void cover up?

I can admit this one beats the previous tattoo by a mile. The artwork is actually done really well in a very realistic way.

realistic void stamp tattoo cover up

And then bad again… especially where it’s located.

another void stamp tattoo

Point made?!

So making a point is one thing, but making a point using your body… not sure about that one. This person must have been really upset to go ahead and cross out the name of a previous lover, ending it with “Shit Happens”.

Another name tattoo cover gone bad

shit happens cover up tattoo

Add more text!

Even though this is an interesting play on words you are still leaving this brief part of history on your back. I guess Ryan will be staring at the name Nathan every so often 😉

add text cover up

Black that tatt out!

I’m not so sure about this one. Maybe she wanted to get the point across that he’s now only a dark spot on her past…? Not sure but I bet she’s going to get a lot of questions about her block on her back. This is really a complete cover up fail.

block cover up fail

Failing again and again and again and…

Not sure why, but some people aren’t good at learning the first time. Looks like this tattoo fail started with his first girlfriend and he just didn’t learn over time. Personally, when you reach this point you should consider laser tattoo removal.

multiple bad cover ups

Red crossing

People write interesting things on their body. Just not usually something dictated to someone specific who MIGHT NEVER every read it. Andy, I hope you are seeing this.

crossed out tattoo

That wraps this round up for our bad tattoo cover ups series. We’ll be keeping a lookout to compile our next list of bad tattoo fixes.